Other Services Offered


Branch locations carry merchandise that support our tools and equipment, plus items that will help you around your construction or job location, including gloves, hard hats and other safety items.

New Equipment

We have been working with top manufacturers of construction and other equipment for years; if you are in the market to purchase equipment, give us a call or request a quote.

Fuel Sales

We sell propane, kerosene, and diesel. You can come by any of our rental locations or call the office to have bulk quantity delivered to your job site.

Equipment/Operator Safety Training

Sunbelt offers equipment training in forklifts, aerial work platforms, dirt equipment and certification on propane cylinders. We spend the time to get your employees certified properly so that all employees have a safer work environment.

Repairs, Maintenance & Parts

We are experts in equipment, including repairs, maintenance and supplying parts. Our trained service team is available to quote any equipment repairs or maintenance requirements. In addition, we have a large supply of parts in stock.

Heater Certification & Site Evaluation

We have certified gasfitters that will ensure that your annual inspections are accomplished for all your heating equipment. In addition our heat consultants are experts at analyzing your job site to ensure that you get the required heat for the best value.